Golly! January’s number caught me by surprise! (That’s sarcasm).

I actually cheated a  bit this month since I started the challenge after APQ released the number…so I made sure to put a quilt I needed to finish ASAP in the #6 slot.

img_2224This is a quilt I’ve been drooling over for years. It’s from an amazing book called Home Sweet Home by Alma Allen and Barb Adams, the ladies behind Blackbird Designs. I made this quilt for my parents. The date is their anniversary year–1968–and the letters are the first letters in each of their names. The colors are definitely more their style than mine. Most of the fabric in this quilt came from scraps and small yardage amounts I’ve had for a very long time. It was good to be able to use up those “dusty” colors, because let’s face it…I’m a little louder and scrappier than this (in fabric and in real life).

It is important to note that these ARE NOT needle-turned appliques.  For the most part, everything is raw-edge with fusible webbing underneath. For the easier stuff bodies of the houses and the windows, I turned the edges under and did some edge stitching using a special foot.

All in all, this was a really fun quilt to work on and complete. Mom and Dad are pleased, too.