Sewing stars is my favorite. Paper-piecing? Usually not my favorite. For some reason, Starry BlockI have taken on several paper-piecing projects this year. I’m getting a little better each time, but let’s be honest–paper-piecing is literally sewing upside down and backwards. I always waste a ton of fabric. I can’t imagine my brain working well enough to design paper-pieced patterns. Mad props to A Persevering Mom and all the other great paper-piecing designers out there. This Starry Sky block was actually quite fun.

Check out what the rest of the hive did. 

On a different note, we’re not even half-way through the year and I’m running out of the coordinating fabric I put aside for this project. These blocks might not come together as nicely as I’d hoped….

Starry Sky Block fabric choices:
Background: ??? The incredible Mr. Domestic sent me a great bag of scraps because I made him laugh on Instagram. The fabric is a denim-weight. It’s a little heavy for paper-piecing and sharp corners, but was a fun experiment.
Star prints:  Various fabrics from Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s Mostly Manor Collection