There’s a shop in Southport, NC called Angelwings Needle Arts. It’s a little place, but wonderfully curated. Each room of the small house features a different type of needle craft: embroidery and cross-stitch, needlepoint, knitting and crochet, weaving, and–most importantly–quilting and sewing. cut out

The woman who owns the shop is a whiz with knitting needles and is kind, to boot. Every time I head to the beach, I visit and pull a nice little haul.

Last spring, I bought a packet of 12-inch precuts and a panel from Gingiber‘s collection, Thicket. I started playing with some embroidery on the animals, and then let it sit.

When its number was pulled, I started sketching out some ideas but quickly realized that the small amount of fabric I had wasn’t going to make it very far. Though I wanted a cuddle-sized quilt, I’d have to modify it to be a wall-sized piece. hand-quilting

The smaller size gave me the opportunity (and courage) to do some hand-quilting. The fabric in this collection really calls for a hand-made touch. I didn’t worry myself too much about how even my stitches were and instead just enjoyed the process of working with this sweet liowlttle guy.



The hoop, the floss, AND the needle I used were once owned by a dear friend’s mother. In fact, it’s the needle I found tucked into one of the cross-stitch blocks from March’s UFO #12. While I know it’s probably not great practice to sew with a 25-year old needle, I enjoyed the little bit of rough resistance it gave me as it passed through the layers of quilt.


I think it’s safe to say that there will be much more embroidery and hand-quilting in my future.

Now…to find a home for this special sewn thing.