Quilt Guilt

I have a mostly finished t-shirt quilt sitting in my project cabinet, a large container full of old onesies and baby rompers, and a box with 25-year old cross-stitch blocks waiting to be sewn together. Anytime I begin working on one of these projects, I get all bumbly and distracted. Usually, I end up tidying my sewing space or planning a new quilt instead of taking a step forward and stitching down some work on these projects.


Guilt.  All day long.

I love making quilts for people, especially ones that are made from sentimental materials–old t-shirts, baby clothes, or the start of someone’s mother’s handiwork. However, as soon as I make that first cut, I’m terrified of messing it up.  Sure, my star-points are on-point when I’m using quilting weight fabric, but most of the “sentimental” materials I’m given are more difficult to maneuver than a piece of 100% cotton that can be ironed stiff. So, I start working on something else. Something I know I can handle and that will look cute on my Instagram feed.

Ever hear of procraftination?  It’s a real thing.

The metaphor here is not lost on me. It’s hard to do things you might not be good at, especially when other people are involved. You know what’s harder? The guilt of not doing them.

So.  Here’s my quilt guilt list. I WILL get these done.

  1. T-shirt quilt from old sorority t-shirts.
    • Status: Seriously, done. The binding’s on. It’s been lint-rolled. And yet….
    • Hold-up: The blocks where the t-shirts are need to be quilted a little more. Right now, they’re too poofy, but I’m nervous they’ll look sloppy once I quilt them. I hate quilting knit fabric.
  2. CR: Baby quilt from oldest son’s baby clothes.
    • Status: clothes are “dissected” and in a box ready to be cut out and sewn.
    • Hold-up: I need to sketch out a design, but I can’t get a good read on how much material I have. Each piece is already so small that I can’t afford to make a mistake when cutting. Also. Half of it’s knit. Have I mentioned how quilting knit material drives me crazy?
  3. ST: Quilt made from 20 cross-stitched blocks.
    • Status: I completed the 20th block (first time I’ve cross-stitched since I was about 12!); sewed the rows together with small borders.
    • Hold-up: This thing is a beast.  And I’m planning on hand-quilting it. Many miles to go before I sleep.
    • Lesson for next time: No lesson here. I just need to get busy.
  4. SA: Super-hero bag
    • Status: I’m dreaming about it.
    • Hold-Up: I can’t find any (female) superhero fabric I like. I’m tempted to just do a Burka Avenger applique….

There you go.  My current list-of-shame. Is your project on this list? Is there something I missed?

What is your quilt guilt/ list-of-shame? What are you going to do to overcome it?  Let me know!  ❤ ❤ ❤


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